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Nova Goh

founder / managing director

Aerith Lee

Social media manager / managing director

Deirdre Chiew

social media marketer

Sammy Loo

graphic designer

Siau Wei

graphic designer

Vui Kun

In year 2014, Dreamer Visual planted the seeds of aesthetic awareness into Kota Kinabalu City, a place where artistic consciousness is generally lacking. Despite starting up in a rather unpromising environment, Dreamer Visual still manage to find steady growth over the course of past few years. We are grateful of what we have achieved and take nothing for granted. Within this period of time, we have had a wonderful experience in establishing our connections with a handful of dreamers.
As a branding agency, we stay focus on our mission and identity, just as our slogan – Make it not just a dream, we help make our customer’s dreams into reality. There are times where we act as consultant/therapist, providing guidance / treatment to our customers; and there are moments where we act as witness, witnessing the achievements of our customers in awe; however, in most of the situation, we often sees ourselves as a partner of our customers more than anything else, together striving though adversity, one step at a time, moving towards our targeted destination. We will seize every opportunity along the road to help our customers in achieving their dreams. Fellow dreamers, we hope someday you’ll join us along the journey.
We have partnered with many different brands to create powerful products and experiences!
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